Defending a dissertation


To increase the chances of successfully defending a dissertation, it is important to publish a monograph – a book that describes the study of the problem and offers its new vision. Despite the fact that its publication is an important step in writing a dissertation, it does not guarantee the protection of the latter. Many authors forget that the monograph should be an independent scientific work with new research results, and not a retelling or annotation of a dissertation.

This paper should be of scientific interest and be useful to the reader who is a specialist in the indicated topics. In this regard, it is wiser to use the services of professionals who will help you write a monograph and avoid common mistakes.

How do we prepare dissertation writing?

To write a monograph, our specialists study a dissertation, determine the main problems and the most interesting results of scientific research. If the dissertation is not yet ready, just voicing the topic. Employees of dissertation writing services write a monograph based on an analysis of the finished paper or will reveal the topic by adding useful materials. The writing process is led by a team leader, who at each stage will consult with you and discuss the issues described in the monograph. This will prepare the work according to your preferences and adjust it at the initial stage.

The finished work will contain earlier scientific research of researchers and new results of the analysis of the problem, its solutions. The monograph will include the information presented in the dissertation, as well as the already known approaches and results obtained by other scientists. Staff of dissertation proposal writing services will help write articles for specialized journals in accordance with all requirements. After that, a monograph will be prepared for publication, if necessary then scientific articles describing the results of research on the dissertation.

The advantages of working with us in writing a monograph

When ordering paper in our agency, you get a number of advantages:

  • you can engage in scientific research, rather than bureaucratic issues, focusing on preparing for defense;
  • the experience of our professionals will protect you from possible errors or contentious issues in the finished work when considering it;
  • due to the fact that we constantly write articles for publication in scientific collections, we are familiar with all the latest requirements, so the quality of the paper will pleasantly surprise you.

Writing a monograph is best entrusted to specialists. This will save time and allow you to better prepare for the defense of the dissertation.

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